Mlolongo primary school project.

Since inception, at Global precast panel’s Kenya LTD we have been donating a portion of our earnings to various charities and deserving entities countrywide.

We give back to the community because we believe that our success has been mainly hinged on our diverse communities.

Mlolongo primary school was the lucky institution in the month of December 2018.

This initiative is getting better and bigger by the day.

We hope to positively touch as many lives as we can.

Being firm believers in giving, we are always proud when a project comes through.

Mlolongo Primary school project inception

Well, the Mlolongo primary school project was done and handed over as agreed.

The Mlolongo primary school project came about when we attended a church service at Mavuno church.

This is the sanctuary where we fellowship.

The church usually travels countrywide and comes up with projects, cases, and areas where willing members can contribute or donate.

These initiatives are based on the church’s “spreading the love initiative”

Well, on this particular Sunday, they tabled a report on sanitation at the primary school.

This touched us and was precisely in line with our trade {precast concrete panels}.

So, after brief consultations, we committed ourselves to this project and we thank God all went as had planned.

Mlolongo primary school project brief

Just a brief on Mlolongo primary school, the sanitation issue was dire and a solution had to be availed.

The school has a population of 1300 children and had a total of just 10 latrines.

Classes start at kindergarten up to class 8. This is way too low for such a student population.

If we assumed that the ratio is 1:1 then, imagine 650 boys or girls sharing 5 toilets at break time or even lunchtime?

Well, this would mean that some children precisely the young ones spend their break time session on the queue waiting for their turn to use the latrines.

This on a genuine note is not a good thing health-wise, and for the relaxation of the young kids.

Sanitation is a human right and for this reason, we embarked on adding 8 modern latrines.

4 for each gender and complete with a septic tank for better hygiene and management in later days.

Project process

The construction of this project was initiated in September 2018 and commenced construction in October 2018.

We had envisioned completion in November but there were small delays due to the processes in regards to the school.

The construction entailed using precast concrete panels.

These were used for the walls.

The floor was well cemented to avoid falls.

A septic tank was also installed to help in hygiene for the pupils. 

We thank God because the project was completed and handed over.

We are delighted by the Mlolongo primary school latrines project and commit ourselves to put a smile on many more faces countrywide.

At Global precast panels Kenya LTD, we are always happy to serve the needy members of our societies.

We also thank Mavuno church for the “spreading the love initiative” that is helping propel the needs of the less privileged members in our communities.

We promise to continue with such initiatives in the future.


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