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Hello and thank you for visiting Global Precast Panels Kenya LTD.

We are a Kenyan company specializing in the production of precast concrete panels and construction of prefabricated homes and structures as well.

Global precast panels Kenya LTD is the number one company in producing and supplying high quality and long lasting concrete precast panels.

Global precast panels Kenya LTD was established in February 2016 by my wife Harriet and me George Mutua in early 2016.

Back in 2015, I had an idea of constructing a simple house in my rural home.

Well, I was shocked to learn that the construction alternatives I had were too expensive and indeed I had to put that idea on hold.


Global precast panels Kenya LTD research
After the disappointment, I embarked on serious research to try and identify if there were simple and less expensive modes of construction that could fit into my budget.

Well, I came across mud, bricks and precast panels as the other modes of construction that were convenient to me.

On further refining my research and going through the pros and cons of each mode, I chose precast panels because of the many advantages and ultimately the cost.

But alas, something came into my mind and yes I would say that the disappointment turned out to be a blessing in disguise.


Global precast panels Journey
The blessing was the long journey I was to embark on to bring to life global precast panels LTD.

With the resources I had to put up a small house, I made a u-turn and started thinking hard and conceptualizing on how I could harness this technology and make home ownership a brilliant process.

As they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

True to this, I started the global precast panels Kenya LTD Journey and yes indeed the rest is history.

Down the line, I could say that I am happy with the progress we have made and would like to encourage you to make a step in your endeavors and surely you will make progress.

Just start and do not look back.