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Precast Concrete Columns

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Precast Beams & Columns provide unlimited flexibility in design, shape and application , They are versatile structural material that can be used as the structural system of a building, bridge or other structures.

Precast beams and columns can be used in a variety of applications such as parking structures, manufacturing facilities, educational facilities, hospitality and more. Beams and columns can vary in both size and shape to meet the structural and architectural needs and requirements of the project.

We manufactured Precast concrete beams and columns at our factory production controlled facilities ensuring the quality of the cast is to specification requirements. A full supporting service by the Technical Team is available to assist with the layout drawings, design details and support calculations for structural requirements.


  • Design flexibility, allowing long column-free spans
  • Faster installation structures
  • Sustainable construction
  • Strength for heavy loads and vibration-resistant stability
  • Durability / Long life/ Low maintenance
  • Moisture resistance
  • When combined with other precast elements (hollowcore, wall panels and/or double tees), is a low cost, effective construction method

Precast concrete Columns are 300mm by 300mm height we customize.