Precast Concrete Columns

Precast beams and columns can be used in a variety of applications such as parking structures, manufacturing facilities, educational facilities, hospitality and more. Beams and columns can vary in both size and shape to meet the structural and architectural needs and requirements of the project. Using precast beams and columns allow for reduced column counts and provides for wider open spaces. In addition, precast beams and columns can be used below grade for parking, maximizing space efficiency.

Depending on the scale of the project, all our units will be cast in sequence from manufacture to site fitting ensuring a high level of efficiency and accuracy for installation contractors.

Columns are general used “as cast”; however, they do have the ability to be produced with architectural finishes and pigmented colors to match existing structural looks. Not only can the columns be produced with beauty, but strength as well, resulting in a dual purpose structural and architectural building element.


  • Design flexibility, allowing long column-free spans
  • Faster installation structures
  • Sustainable construction
  • Strength for heavy loads and vibration-resistant stability
  • Durability / Long life/ Low maintenance
  • Moisture resistance
  • When combined with other precast elements (hollowcore, wall panels and/or double tees), is a low cost, effective construction method

Precast concrete Columns are 300mm by 300mm height we customize.

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