Precast H Beams

Precast H Beams are horizontal components that support deck members like double tees, hollow-core, solid slabs, and sometimes other beams. They can be reinforced with either prestressing strand or conventional reinforcing bars. This will depend on the spans,loading conditions, and the precast producer’s preferred production methods.

Finishes: Since beams are cast upright, the bottom, sides, and ledges are cast against a form and will typically be provided with an “as cast” finish that results in a smooth, hard finish. The top of the beam is troweled by the finishing crew and can be smooth, roughened to simulate the finish of supported double tees (as in a parking structure), or intentionally roughened to create a bond with cast-in-place concrete that may be poured on top.

Precast concrete H beams Dimensions are 160 x 200 mm, 200 x 200 mm (for corner)

Length : 2.600 mm, 3.000 mm, 3.400 mm, 3.600 mm, 3.800 mm, 4.200 mm
Weight : H-Beam 260 = 172 kg/pcs, H-Beam 300 = 200 kg/pcs
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