Precast concrete panels

This is our main product. We are the number one producer of precast concrete wall panels in Kenya.

We have the best precast panels and the quality is second to none. An added advantage is that we deliver your panels at a very reasonable cost.

The most significant thing to note is that our panels have a constant length of 0.605 meters {approx 2 feet} and a constant width of 90 millimeters {approx 3.5 inches}.

What you should note is that what you determine as the buyer is the height of the panels depending on the design of your structure.

We have been producing panels for 2 years now and in this period we have seen growth and uptake of panels and prefabricated homes.

The panels are first among equals in regards to construction materials.

Kindly request a quote and be the next client to own a modern home or a long-lasting structure at a lower cost and reduced construction time as well.

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