The building and construction sector has seen improved growth. Well, precast panels technology is here.

This new building technology has taken this sector by storm and is being adopted very well.

Over the years, man has sheltered himself from adverse weather, wild animals and other myriad natural occurrences.

In earlier centuries before the advent of modern building technologies like precast panels and concrete, man lived in caves, timber, and mud-built homes.

My late granny lived in a mud house and I truly loved the warmth of the house, especially at night.

Precast panels and other building materials and technologies

As the years passed, technology advancements and new discoveries brought about new building technologies.

Materials such as stone, cement, sand, ballast, and tiles are among the most known building materials of this century.

Precast panels, concrete, bricks, and tiling technologies are some of the commonly applied building technologies of the 21st century.

In recent years here in Kenya, many new homeowners are opting for precast panels’ technology as opposed to other technologies.

The reason is that homeowners/developers can plan and complete a home/house in record time.

In fact, when it comes to budgeting and allocating resources, the accuracy is almost 100 % because everything is planned from inception.

What are the precast panels?

By this time, you may be asking yourself, what are precast panels?

They are premade panels made using sand, cement, special ballast, and water.

The concrete is cast in a reusable mold then cured in a controlled environment.

After the panels are cured, they are transported to the construction site, lifted and fitted into place.

This casting mold has a constant length and width.

The height is what a client suggests when making an order.

This is because different structures and designs may require different height measurements.

It is advisable to contract an architect or a building and construction specialist to get the required dimensions beforehand.

Precast panels advantages

As you travel countrywide, most homes are built using the above materials and technologies that I have mentioned.

Here in Kenya, precast panels and prefabricated homes are taking root in a great manner.

New homeowners, the government, large and small scale developers are embracing this technology.

This is because of the many advantages arising from this mode of construction.

The major advantages include but are not limited to;

1. Cost-effective

The cost of putting up a house using prefabs is significantly lower as compared to a similar house constructed using stone.

2. Speed of installation

Because the precast concrete panels have already been manufactured and ready, time taken to fit them is very minimal.

3. Fireproof

These panels are made and cured within the specified time thus making them fireproof.

4. Savings on plaster

Because the precast panels are premade, the interior and exterior surfaces are even and no need to apply any plaster on the walls.

5. Durability

The panels are made and cured in a controlled environment thus making them durable and long lasting.

6. Easy to install

They are easy to fit. They come ready made and have male and female joints.

7. Reduced material wastage

As opposed to other building modes, with prefabs, there is very minimal wastage of materials on site.

This goes a long way in saving you unnecessary costs and construction time.

In conclusion, global precast panels LTD is a one-stop shop.

After the manufacture of these concrete panels, they are delivered to site and construction takes place.

Our dedicated and hardworking personnel is ready to listen to you and help put your dreams and aspirations into reality.

We have completed several prefabricated homes/houses projects in various counties and have many more upcoming ones.

At Global Precast Panels Kenya LTD you have a caring construction partner.

Kindly reach out to us via phone, email or visit our offices.


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