Construction in Kenya cannot be complete without the mention of the word precast panels or better still, prefabricated homes.

A prefabricated building or structure is cheaper and durable as compared to the custom and known modes of construction. {Timber and stone}

In a previous article that we published, I expounded that a precast concrete panel is a pre-made construction panel.

At global precast panels, We produce the concrete panels by pouring concrete into cast molds.

The panels are then treated for a specified time after which we detach and remove them from the casts.

Delivery to the owner is the next step and if contracted, go ahead and complete modern prefabricated homes.

Prefabricated homes as compared to other homes

Timber is becoming more expensive by the day due to environmental conservation efforts by the Kenya government.

On the other hand, constructing your home using stone is becoming uneconomical because of transportation and material cost.

All factors compared, none beats precast panels and prefabricated homes.

The process of quarrying is extremely tedious and very dangerous on the other hand.

Quarries have to be blasted and at times if done manually lead to loss of life to the quarry workers who are mainly the youth.

One more hurdle is that machine cut stones break easily and are more expensive than hand cut ones.

Furthermore, hand cut ones may take ages to produce thus adding on construction time and cost.

What you should also note, timber is not fireproof and if not treated well can succumb to termites thus weakening your structure.

Stones are durable and have many advantages. But, the cost of putting up a similar prefabricated home compared to a stone home could be far less.

The other major factor is the time it takes to finish a similar project.

With prefabs, you could have a complete home in less than 90 days if resources are available.

Before you think of a prefabricated home

As in any other home, a prefab home or better still prefabricated homes, require keen planning and designing.

One thing, a foundation must be laid upon where the precast panels will be laid and fitted.

In the planning process, you may need the services of an architect {for purposes of design} and a construction engineer {for the purposes of planning}

Being a one-stop shop, our professionals will guide and help you through this process.

Well, after the foundation, then comes the design and planning aspect.

Here, the professionals come in handy because you have to discuss and explain to them how you need your prefabricated home to look like.

The prefabricated homes experts listen to you and put your concept into an idea.

Remember that you also need channels as you embark on laying and fitting the panels. {I will talk about channels on our products page}

To touch a bit on channels, they are “U” shaped hollow bars that are inserted into the precast panels and bolted to the foundation to strengthen the structure.

At the top, we use another set to hold the channels emanating from the foundation together. 

Moreover, at the top, the channels are welded as opposed to bolting.

After an agreement on the shape and form the structure will take, it’s now time to draft a “BQ” {bill of quantity}

This is a document detailing the quantity and cost of the required materials.

The document is mainly drafted and done by a quantity surveyor.

With this document, you can manage to follow up and see the progress of your project in real time.

Prefabricated homes building process


After the above procedures are followed to the letter, it is time to start the construction of your home.

Well, you as the owner must by now know that a foundation is required.

The foundation making process should be done in regards to the size of the house you want to put up.

It could be a maisonette, bungalow, 2 bedrooms standalone home, church, school, perimeter wall, flats or any other structure.

Remember that the construction rules should be followed as stipulated by the statutory government bodies.

As with any other mode of building, with precast panels as well, a foundation has to be done in the right way to avoid loss of life and damage to property due to the collapse of the structure.

Pre-ordering of panels

As the foundation proceeds as agreed by you and the professionals, it’s time to order for your concrete panels.

After you make the order with us, the same information is relayed to the head of our factory to commence production of the precast panels.

At global precast panels, we follow due diligence and standard procedures to ensure that the panels are of high quality and that we build the best-prefabricated homes countrywide.

Here at global precast panels, we have the best machinery and the right manpower to deliver on your order at the agreed timelines.

We can handle large quantities and deliver quality.

With us, you will get well-treated panels and for the required amount of time so that they are in perfect condition when we transport them to your site.

Transportation of the precast panels

After completion of the panels, it is time to transport them to site in readiness for the process of laying and fitting them.

Do not worry if you do not have transport to your site.

We load your panels safely using a forklift and offer you transport to the site at a much-discounted price.

When the panels get to the site, you need to take care of the offloading and storage.

The panels are not too heavy and therefore a couple of strong men can offload them.

We recommend that you store your precast concrete panels in a dry place.

Laying and fitting of precast panels

With the foundation ready and the precast panels on site, the final journey towards your dream home begins.

The panels are laid and fitted according to the design prepared by the architect.

The construction engineer supervises this process to ensure it is done as required.

The panels are laid on the foundation and strengthened using channels which are bolted to the foundation.

The beauty about our panels is that they have hollows where the metal bar channels pass through.

Better still, we make them so as to interlock therefore making the joints seamless.

The hollows can be utilized to pass conduits and pipes for easy installation of water and electricity.

To note still, the hollows act as soundproof and weather tolerant mechanisms.

Well, the channels emanating from the foundation are then welded using a set of other channels to make the structure even stronger.


With the shell now ready, roofing is the next step.

After the roofing, then get to the other aspects of finishing.

These include plumbing, electrical installation, painting and of course the exterior and interior decor.

Remember that we have professionals in all these areas.

For this reason, a modern prefab home at a lower cost and lesser time is a guarantee.


In conclusion, prefabricated homes are new modern low-cost homes.

Further to the many pros brought about by precast panels, it takes a shorter time to finish.

The cost of construction is also much-cheaper than conventional construction modes.

More to this, we avoid many loopholes and materials waste making it even cheaper.

Get a quote for your prefabricated home and let us make your dream come true. Kindly contact us via phone, email or visit our office.


Itwika David · April 11, 2020 at 3:54 pm

I have really liked the article on your pre fab housing in Kenya. I would like to know the following from you:- 1 how much would it cost to construct a 3 bdrm residential house? 2 do yu have fudis to go the whole project and are their costs inclusive in the package above? 3 how durable are the slabs and can they stand impacts like from footballs, climbing on the roof etc? 4 would the houses stand natural forces like earthquakes?

    Global precast panels · November 24, 2020 at 10:41 am

    hi, a 3 bedroom house will cost 1.3M to 1.5M for the shell structure and 2.2M to 2.5M upto completion.
    The cost of fundi is included in this cost.
    The durability of the use of precast panels is a permanent as any other concrete permanent structure, that is a life time durablitity.
    The house will stand all sorts of natural causes that any permanent house will stand.

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