At global precast panels, we have 7 main products. We produce one of the products, source for the other one and construct the last one.

Well, the product that we produce and the product that we source for are the main business that we carry out.

The other one we construct.

This, however, is an extension of our goodwill and the need to make owning a home a peaceful, affordable and easy process.

The main products are :

  1. Precast concrete slab
  2. Precast concrete columns
  3. Precast concrete H beams
  4. Precast concrete wall panels
  5. Channels
  6. Prefabricated homes/structures

Products-Precast Concrete Slabs

Precast concrete Slabs

Precast concrete Slab are 150mm thick 900mm width height is upto 7.5Meters .

We customize height according to the design of the house

Products-Precast concrete Columns

Precast Concrete Columns

Precast concrete Columns are 300mm by 300mm height we customize.

Products-Precast concrete H beams

Precast H Beams

Precast concrete H beams Dimensions are 160 x 200 mm, 200 x 200 mm (for corner)

Length : 2.600 mm, 3.000 mm, 3.400 mm, 3.600 mm, 3.800 mm, 4.200 mm
Weight : H-Beam 260 = 172 kg/pcs, H-Beam 300 = 200 kg/pcs

Products-Precast Concrete wall panels

Precast concrete panels

This is our main product. We are the number one producer of precast concrete wall panels in Kenya.

We have the best precast panels and the quality is second to none. An added advantage is that we deliver your panels at a very reasonable cost.

The most significant thing to note is that our panels have a constant length of 0.605 meters {approx 2 feet} and a constant width of 90 millimeters {approx 3.5 inches}.

What you should note is that what you determine as the buyer is the height of the panels depending on the design of your structure.

We have been producing panels for 2 years now and in this period we have seen growth and uptake of panels and prefabricated homes.

The panels are first among equals in regards to construction materials.

Kindly request a quote and be the next client to own a modern home or a long-lasting structure at a lower cost and reduced construction time as well.



Channels are u shaped steel plates that are used to hold concrete panels together.

This product is very important in regards to the strengthening of the structure being constructed.

The channels have a standard height of 2.4 meters. It is highly advisable to use channels if using precast concrete panels when constructing your structure. 

Products-Prefabricated homes

Prefabricated homes

In the last two years, we have overseen construction of several prefab homes around the country.

This product is the end result of our other two products.

It is very satisfying to see you own a home in a less costly and painful way.

We have the necessary manpower and professionals to guide you through the complete process.

The process entails designing your structure, ordering the panels and finally constructing your structure.

Kindly request a quote and we shall give you a detailed and comprehensive answer. Our mantra is; effective construction.

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