The Syokimau precast wall panels project has by so far been one of the major projects that we have undertaken.

I say this because we fitted wall panels on 3 floors and the progress and results were outstanding.

This amazing undertaking was for an upcoming hotel and the client was extremely happy at what we achieved.

The owner of the establishment and by far our great client learned about our precast concrete wall panels via a search on Google.

The search led him to our website.

He was desperate because he resides abroad and his finances were getting depleted and the construction taking an eternity to come to fruition.

Syokimau precast wall panels project process

Well, after a phone call, we advised him accordingly and requested him to request a quote which he did.

We did a detailed response in a few days.

Luckily enough, he was coming for a 2-month vacation and better still in those two months we would have completed his project following the quote we had agreed upon.

This Syokimau precast wall panels project process is now completed.

The events leading to the commencement of this project happened so fast.

Our client spoke to us in early June 2018 and we discussed and planned everything online.

He traveled towards the tail end of the same month and visited our office after a brief rest.

The project process kicked off on July 2nd and the contract was to run till 3rd September.

The project entailed supply and fitting of all the panels.

Before we commenced on the project, in the days leading to the start date, we had visited the site and taken the required measurements.

Our team at the factory had embarked on the precast panels production process as well.

The Syokimau precast wall panels project meticulous and our team has worked tirelessly to make this a huge success.

The client walked the journey with us and he said in his own words “this is a dream come true”

Precast concrete panels advantages

He outlined 5 major benefits of precast concrete panels as;

  1. No wastage of materials on site
  2. Cut on labor cost
  3. Speed in construction
  4. Cut on overall  construction price
  5. Cut on finishing cost

So far, we have accomplished our goal on this project and by far other projects we have completed before.

Are you out there and pondering about constructing any structure?

A prefabricated home, church, school, or any other structure?

If yes, kindly visit our blog page as well as our gallery page and read and see what we have achieved over time.

At global precast panels, we always have a keen ear for you.

Our experts offer you free advice after listening to your idea.

The Meru project and Syokimau precast wall panels project are just but two examples of our work.

We are documenting more of our achievements so keep coming back and surely we shall have more in store for you.

You can kindly visit our office, make a phone call, forward us an email or better still, request a quote and we shall respond.

With us, you will get a detailed answer.

Welcome to global precast panels Kenya Ltd and be the next proud owner of precast concrete wall panels home, school and any other structure.

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James · July 28, 2019 at 3:53 pm

Where are photos of the completed project? And, it is not just this one. Most of the projects in your portfolio lack photos. I’d want to see the finished houses / structures, both interior and exterior shots. A skeptical person like me wonders whether the projects posted here are just made up to just attract clients. No to be negative, but posting some photos to accompany details of completed projects would be more convincing.

    Global precast panels · November 24, 2020 at 10:35 am

    We have more photos for completed projects we will upload them on our website soon. Meanwhile share your contacts we send you on whatsapp.

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